Babe, I Hate to Go

For the last 30 years, Delroy Dunkley, a migrant worker, has been travelling from his home in Jamaica to Southwestern Ontario to work on a farm so he can support his family. But this year, Delroy is diagnosed with cancer...

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Jon Higgins
Go Fish a unique, emotional balancing act

Go Fish achieves one of the most difficult balancing acts in film, a charming, at times sweet, comedy which also deals with life's anxieties. Go Fish is a truly unique film. The light comedy features Erica, a young woman who turned bitter and confused after...

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Tanya Sahni
Margaret's got a bad ass Mojo

It’s unusual and unexpected, but that’s what makes it so much fun. A short film that is sure to make you smile, Margaret Finds Her Mojo (2014) is a treat. Penny Eizenga plays Margaret Wilson on her way to a job interview, when an unexpected encounter makes this sweet...

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Dishan Anderson
Clearing the Way: Preview Night Documentary

A hard-hitting documentary based on Maj. Mark Gasparotto’s book of the same name, Clearing the Way chronicles the collective experience of Canadian Combat Engineers in Afghanistan in 2006-2007. One of the most dangerous places on earth, the Kandahar Province...

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Nandita Dutta