KYRA: More Than Skin Deep

Follow model Kyra Furlong as she breaks down the stigma around vitiligo. 

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Kyra Furlong is breaking down barriers with long-legged, model strides. The 20-year-old international actress, dancer and published model from Toronto embraces the white patches on her skin, a result of her vitiligo, even as she suffered bullying, being called ‘Dalmatian.’  

Kyra is a short documentary by Waleed M. Abuzaid that follows a day in the life of vitiligo model Kyra Furlong.  Vitiligo is a skin condition where pigment is lost from areas of the skin, leaving colourless patches. Kyra was around three-years-old when her vitiligo spots became noticeable. Growing up, she struggled to hide her spots around her peers until she joined an online vitiligo community. From there she gradually felt empowered through the support she received, which ultimately lead her to jump start her modelling career.   

It’s been quite a journey for Furlong - far from feeling ashamed, she has embraced the fact that she looks different. 

Kyra praises Winnie Harlow, another Canadian fashion model and public spokesperson who shares the same skin condition. Harlow has been featured in hip-hop songs and videos, and is a trending influencer on Instagram. She has been able to use her recognition to better educate and uplift her followers with or without vitiligo. Both models are inspirational examples of radiating beauty from the inside out and helping break down hurtful current beauty standards currently held to empower those who are struggling with body insecurities. 

Beauty is more than skin deep. This short documentary will leave you feeling inspired to pursue your dreams and proud to call Kyra Furlong a fellow Canadian.

The showing of this documentary will take place twice during the five day festival, from Oct 24th to 28th. Click here for information on schedule and tickets. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more.