Me, the “Other”

Overcoming “Otherness” and Kicking Adversity to the Curb


Celia. Biology. University of Michigan. The world has thrown it all at her. She is young but she has already experienced intense grief, fear, anger, frustration and the feeling of being “othered.” Yet, despite the adversity she’s faced from society, Celia wants to help change the lives of others.

Me, the “Other” directed by Shidan Majidi, is a captivating documentary made up of 10  poignant stories from individuals who feel as if they have been “othered” by society.

That is, they face adversity, pushed they believe to the fringe of society. This is a movie compiling individual stories, but they share a common thread, a theme of fighting to overcome adversity.  We hear the stories of newcomers, lovers, families working through hardship and just hard working people trying to do their best and often sparring with policy makers and neighbours. These individuals take their bad experiences and channel them into an incredible passion in an effort to build a better life for the future.

According to the 2016 Statistics Canada Census, 22% of the population in London, Ontario is made up of immigrants.  In addition, a Stats Canada census on same-sex couples in 2016 lists London as having a high concentration of these couples, particularly following an increase of 58%-74% of same-sex couples residing in the census metropolitan area since 2006.

These may just seem like statistics, but they show that immigrants and other minority groups have a significant presence in the London community today. This illustrates  how important films like Me, the “Other” are for giving a voice to those who aren’t always heard. This film will challenge your preconceptions and move you toward a greater understanding of living in a diverse society, such as our own here in London, Ontario.

Catch the screening of Me, the “Other,” playing at the Forest City Film Festival 2018. Buy your tickets for the Festival and come see this impactful film during this five-day event from October 24th to 28th. Information on tickets and venues can be found here.

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