DEATH By Metal: A Killer Documentary

Feature documentary, Death By Metal, follows former frontman Chuck Schuldiner and his band DEATH, and their impact on the heavy metal rock scene.


DEATH by Metal, is a documentary that honours the life of musical icon Chuck Schuldiner and the lasting impact his band has had on the heavy metal rock scene. This film does an amazing job of educating viewers about this niche musical genre. From its origins, to its present day evolution, DEATH by Metal provides an exclusive inside look into this rather unique culture.

In his interview with Decibel Magazine, director Felipe Belalcazar explained why he felt so compelled to tell Schuldiner’s story:

“I identified with [Schuldiner]. As a freelancer, you might identify with being close to work and being passionate about what you do. He seemed like someone who was passionate about his work. Another thing I wanted to show in this movie: Chuck was a regular dude.”

Schuldiner became such an icon because he continually pushed himself and his band mates; which ultimately helped this music genre reach new heights. Unfortunately, Schuldiner's life and career was tragically cut short by cancer in 2001.

Written and directed by Canadian filmmaker and London native Felipe Belalcazar, this documentary includes exclusives interviews, rare footage, and demos. Director Felipe Belalcázar will be on hand to participate in a Q&A session following the screening.

"Definitely one of the best band-documentaries I have ever seen. The attention to detail is exceptional! The editing and the graphics are just spot-on. Super cool cast, really awesome old photographs and inevitably, towards the end it gets really heart-breaking and sad. I wish every musicians could have a movie like this made about them" -Dan Swanö

DEATH By MetaL screens at the Forest City Film Festival on Oct 28, 12PM, at The Good Theatre. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more. Tickets available here.