Captive Love - Short Film in Competition


“Things have changed”. We hear this phrase in a dimly lit restaurant over a glass of merlot and two people with a complicated past, but the sentence rings true. Darrin and Sonia are two people star crossed in the most unexpected of ways in the film Captive Love - written by London native Kristina Esposito - and over the course of (a far too quick) 10 minutes, we see a much more intriguing narrative than originally expected. The two met when they were young in what can only be described as unusual circumstances, and we see the parallel between their stories at both beginning and end. Artfully directed by Zack Bernbaum, tastefully acted by Jennifer Dale, Art Hindle, Kristina Esposito, and Doug Nyback, and featuring some stellar cinematography by Stephen C. Whitehead, Captive Love pulls us in, binds us together, and reminds us of the unusual ways in which we find love, as well as the ways it can break us apart. It’s captivating…in more ways than one.

Captive Love has screened at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival as well as the Toronto Independent Film Festival last month.  

This film is a Southwestern Ontario film in many ways. Captive Love was funded by a number of Londoners through an IndieGOGO Campaign.  As part of the campaign they wanted to give back to the community, so a portion of the money raised was donated to the Women’s Community House!  They were also funded by the London Arts Council and had a number of Londoners working in the crew.

The production company, KEME Productions has its office in London and are always looking for local talent to work with.  The two producers, Michael Esposito and Kristina Esposito grew up here in London and found their love for the arts with Original Kids Theatre Company. Both went on to perform at a number of theatres in London including The Grand Theatre’s main stage and high school project productions.  They started KEME Productions a few years ago as a way to create theatre and film that is both entertaining and informative.  Their first theatre production was actually performed here in London at the London Fringe Festival and won the Impressario Award (audience choice award).  They have produced a number of short films that have screened across North America including Virtual Hitman which can currently be found on the NSI Online Film Festival.  Visit for more information.

Screening time to be announced by October 9.  Tickets to go on sale on October 15.

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