Go Fish a unique, emotional balancing act

Go Fish achieves one of the most difficult balancing acts in film, a charming, at times sweet, comedy which also deals with life's anxieties. Go Fish is a truly unique film.

The light comedy features Erica, a young woman who turned bitter and confused after the death of her mother. Don’t let the calm waters and light breeze of Muskoka fool you, Go Fish is emotionally tumultuous. Dealing with frustrations from the past and present, Erica is out for revenge on one old foe, the only way she sees she can restore the balance in her world. Of course, this does not come without consequences on her relationships, families and friends.


Go Fish does not preach to viewers about life and does not take a cliché path of most coming-of-age stories, it treats viewers as adults, but strikes right at the heart where it tugs on our own experiences. Sometimes you will hate Erica, sometimes you will love her, but that’s part of the journey. The Muskoka Independent Film Festival gave it the Best Feature film award.  Go Fish is directed by Brett Heard & Kate Drummond and is the first feature film from Penny Eizenga in a producer role.  She is the director/writer/producer behind award-winning shorts like The Run, Margaret Finds Her Mojo and Martin's Hagge.  This wonderful film was produced by the incubator Studio Inc. a studio for developing talent.


Tickets are available at forestcityfilmfest.ca.

Tanya Sahni