Margaret's got a bad ass Mojo

It’s unusual and unexpected, but that’s what makes it so much fun.

A short film that is sure to make you smile, Margaret Finds Her Mojo (2014) is a treat. Penny Eizenga plays Margaret Wilson on her way to a job interview, when an unexpected encounter makes this sweet, timid, middle-aged lady into a bad-ass body slamming, fighter. Plagued by corporate manipulation, Margaret has to literally fight for her spot at the company.  

Eizenga gives a stellar performance in this short flick as a middle-aged, level-headed and law-abiding woman looking for work. Margaret is confronted by two women vying for the same job which they all believed was already theirs.  The resolution culminates in Margaret discovering her mojo!


Directed by Brett Heard, who also directed Go Fish (2016) with Penny Eizenga as a producer.  It's a great piece of comedic work and is not to be missed.

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Dishan Anderson