My Brother Charlie - Short in Competition


For a film that only has a 5 and a half minute running time, Evan Hamza sure knows how to create suspense. The director and writer of the short titled My Brother Charlie, Hamza and writing partner Emil Terziev weave a narrative that leaves you both uncomfortable and curious as to what comes next. We follow the story of the mentally disturbed boy with voice over narration accompaniment from his older sibling, pieced together with just the right amount of blood and tension. As the action ramps up, so does the leaning towards the edge of your seat. It’s clear just how close the bond between the brothers are, considering the audience is never shown a clear shot of either of the parent’s faces. The ending will leave you just as surprised as the beginning, and the haunting choral music that accompanies a large portion of the short only adds to the atmosphere. With a main cast sourced almost entirely from London - as well as Hamza himself - My Brother Charlie is a film you definitely don’t want to miss; not to mention one that you won’t be able to stop thinking about well into the night.


Filmmaker Evan Hamza is from London and has been making films since he was in high school. He graduated from Western University Film Studies and English literature and then moved to Sheridan College.  He worked for a while in the film industry in Toronto before moving back to London to be a digital video producer for Diply.   

Screening time will be announced on October 11.

Forest City Film Festival