Violent - A riveting and mysterious jewel of a film.

Hues of pink and red fill the sky between mountains and glimmering lakes. A young girl, almost a woman, walks into the water and explains to her little sister the traditional ritual. If she survives, she is now a woman and if she drowns, well.

This is a story of Dagny, a girl moving to the big city in Norway and the people who love her the most.  It is a coming of age story, but offers much more. Violent reaches to the deepest depths of a teen’s psyche, the fears and the insecurities all in a quiet and seemingly peaceful environment. Instead of using a lot of dialogue, the film relies on the haunting score composed by Canadian band, We Are The City, based in Vancouver. The band crafted a score that takes viewers on an emotional journey with Dagny, the music reflecting the film scenes perfectly. Other than the band, the sound crew is from Southwestern Ontario, including the sound design which plays such an integral part in this film. It is almost another character.

Along with sound, the film’s cinematography plays a major role as well and is credited with contributing to its success at both the Vancouver International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. The camera narrates the story, capturing the city of Bergen with a brilliance that makes it feel distant from the rest of the world.

A stunning film, Violent, a Canadian-Norwegian production, is essential viewing for every film lover. It is an adventure in visuals, sound and story and is a film that will stay with you. 

Check out Violent at the Forest City Film Festival on closing night with the awards ceremony on Sunday, October 29th. Tickets and passes are available at

Tanya Sahni