Nests of Gold

A visual journey to discover one of the world’s most expensive foods.


This documentary by director Alan Poon takes you on a journey following one of the world’s most expensive foods -- bird’s nest soup. Starting in the remote caves of the Philippines, and ending at a world renowned restaurant in Hong Kong, Nests of Gold explores the lives of people involved in the creation one of the world’s most unique delicacies.

“I pray before I climb,” one boy says as he climbs in the remote caves of South East Asia. He climbs to take from steep, soaring cliff walls the nests of the golden thread swallow. It is what bird’s nest soup is made from. One of the world’s most expensive foods, its creation is also one of the most dangerous and this documentary shows the different steps that go into making it. However, due to its high cost and apparent health benefits, the soup is “not for the commoner” as one man describes in the documentary. Often referred to as “caviar of the east,” bird’s nest soup is consumed by the rich of Hong Kong and China, with a small bowl costing upwards of $100.  


Nests of Gold beautifully juxtaposes all the people involved in the creation of bird’s nest soup, through its start in the caves and its end in a 3 Michelin star restaurant. Through this juxtaposition, Nests of Gold captures a common theme among most consumed goods in the world: the gap between those who create and those who consume.

“This started as an exploration of my family history, and the stories I heard about my grandfather who became a successful Bird’s Nest merchant in Hong Kong in the 70’s and 80’s” Poon explains. Nests of Gold is Poon’s directorial debut in documentary and took over 6 years to create.

Nests of Gold, produced by Morro Creative, was filmed in three different countries in order to capture the entire process. It won the 2017 Jury Award at the Seoul Food Film Festival and is currently being shown at various film festivals around the world. The exceptional cinematography in Nests of Gold creates an unforgettable visual experience in about 20 short minutes.   

Nests of Gold is playing at the Forest City Film Festival 2018. Buy your tickets for the Festival and catch the screening during this four-day event from October 25th to 28th. Information on tickets and venues can be found at

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