Watch a Scene Develop in the hands of a Master!

Demonstration by Celebrated Director Coming to FCFF!

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Have you ever wondered how a director works when filming a movie? Are you interested in starting a career in filmmaking or becoming an actor or director specifically? Then purchase a ticket to the Working with Talent Industry Session during the Forest City Film Festival!

FCFF is excited to complete our Industry Sessions programming with a very special live demonstration exploring a director’s role and impact on the process of making a film. Join us for this fascinating look into how a skilled director can both elevate the performance of his talent and change the dynamics of a scene with effective direction.

Canadian director George Mihalka will be running this unique workshop and filming a scene before a live audience – poorly by design at first – and then rewinding and running the scene again to his standards. You’ll be able to clearly see the massive influence a director can have on a scene’s impact through its pace, composition, on screen performances and much, much more.

Mihalka is known for the ease with which he moves from drama to comedy in theatrical features and television, both in English and French. George’s films, television movies, and miniseries’ have been honoured with over 50 nominations and awards in Canada, the United States, and around the world and he is coming to the FCFF to share his skill and experience with our audience.

As the workshop plays out, everything being filmed will be displayed live on at least one large-screen monitor so the audience can see exactly what the camera sees. You’ll be able to witness an unsuccessful scene first, then listen to Mr. Mihalka talk about its issues, how he would improve it and finally witness how his hands-on direction during the second run-through elevates every detail of the very same scene.  

Few of us are lucky enough to watch an award-winning director at work. The insights and understanding witnessed while watching a director compose an effective scene is fascinating and invaluable to anyone interested in becoming a filmmaker or simply interested in the filmmaking process. Do not miss out on this very special opportunity to watch, listen and learn from a filmmaking master!

More on George Mihalka:

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George is currently wrapping post production on 24 HOUR RENTAL (SUPERCHANNEL) a dark gangster comedy. George developed, co-wrote the bible and the 13-part story arc. He was also Showrunner, Director of all 13 episodes, and Executive Producer for REEL ONE ENTERTAINMENT. Forget about gallows humour, this is black comedy 2 weeks after the execution.

His long-form television credits include the Gemini Award winning Dr. LUCILLE (CTV), starring Louis Gossett Jr. and Marina Orsini, and STICKS AND STONES (CTV), starring David Sutcliffe. Winner of the Shaw Rocket Prize for Best Canadian Youth and Family Film, Sticks and Stones also won Best Foreign Feature Drama at the Los Angeles International Family Film Festival and earned Gemini and Canadian Film and Television Production Association Indie Award nominations for Direction and Best Film. RACE TO MARS, a four-hour miniseries about the first manned flight to Mars, had the highest ever ratings for a specialty channel (DISCOVERY) in Canada and in France (ARTE).

Television series credits include multiple episodes of the award-winning dramas DaVINCI’S INQUEST and JOZI-H (CBC). Most recently, George directed episodes of LOST GIRL (SHOWCASE), TRANSPORTER (HBO/M6/RTL), THE FIRM (NBC), and KING (Global). His sci-fi/action television work can be seen in CHARLIE JADE for CHUM/SCI-FI and GALIDOR for FOX/DISNEY. His television comedy credits include UNDRESSED for MTV, produced by Roland Joffe.

George directed the pilot of the comedy series WISH YOU WERE HERE (CBS), in Hungary, following up with multiple episodes shot across Europe. He also directed the first five episodes of THE STREET for (MCA/UNIVERSAL) starring Stanley Tucci.

George’s latest indie comedy feature, FAITH FRAUD AND MINIMUM WAGE—starring Martha MacIsaac, Callum Keith Rennie, and Ricky Mabe and distributed by E-One—received its first screening at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2010, opening with a glowing reception followed by a special invitation from the Shanghai International Film Festival. His other feature credits include the French language comedies La FLORIDA (Golden Reel award) L’HOMME IDEAL, and Les BOYS IV—all top box office successes in Canada. His international features include the cult horror classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and BULLET TO BEIJING, starring Michael Caine and Michael Gambon.

George has also worked as Director/Showrunner on the multiple award winning French language television dramas SCOOP (19 episodes), and OMERTA: The Last Man of Honour, (13 episodes) and the six-hour Orwellian miniseries thriller HAUTE SURVEILLANCE, all for (Radio Canada/CBC)

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Jordan Morris