Catwalk: The Cutthroat World of Cat Pageantry

Being purr-fect is not as easy as it looks

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Thousands of dollars spent on appearance and out-of-state travel, the scrutiny of judges and rivals, not to mention, prizes and ribbons galore. Surprisingly, this is not describing Toddlers & Tiaras, but an even more merciless competition. 

Welcome to the world of cat shows.

Meet Kim Langille and Bobby, her Turkish Angora fur baby. Kim’s not your typical cat lady. In fact, she’s a pageant mom, master strategist, and cat lady all in one. Think of the duo as the Beyonce and Jay-Z of cat pageantry. They are the ultimate dream team. From Moncton to Laval to Toronto, Bobby and Kim dominated the CCA-AFC (Canadian Cat Association), winning consecutive first places at cat shows across the country.

“If you’re not number one, you’re the first loser,” said Langille.

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But just when it seemed their reign was invincible, in came Oh-La-La, a picture perfect Persian Red. Entering halfway through the season, Shirley McCollow and Oh-La-La became Kim and Bobby’s irritating shadow, tailing them for points at every competition. What was once Bobby’s sole gold medal throne became Oh-La-La’s territory. 

“She’s probably spent more money on this cat in terms of travelling and feeding it than [on] me.” - says Shirley McCollow’ son.

Catwalk details the battle the two sides face as they vie for the coveted year-end Best In Show award. From the glitz and the glamour, to the nitty gritty hard work that goes behind running the show, Catwalk will amaze audiences with just how competitive cat show circuits can be.

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Sign up for the 2018 Forest City Film Festival to watch this exclusive inside look of the secret world of cat shows. Catwalk will be screened during the five day festival running from Oct 24-28. Two of the show judges in Catwalk will join Directors Michael McNamara and Aaron Hancox, at the festival’s Q&A session on the afternoon of Sunday Oct 28. Information on tickets and venues can be found here.

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Wu Xiao