GUION: A Film That Reaches for the Stars

A short film about astronaut Guion Bluford, the first African American man in outer space.

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Guion Bluford’s journey to the stars was fraught with pressure, mixed feelings and even some resentment.

The short film GUION paints a complex portrait of a man in conflict after receiving a life-changing opportunity to become the first African-American in space. The movie illustrates his personal struggles, as he was thrust into the media spotlight. Despite his initial hesitation, GUION as a film, does a phenomenal job of showcasing the importance of being a role model and setting a positive standard for future generations.

With a plot set between 1960-1983, GUION recounts the story of a soft-spoken man learning to accept his new responsibilities as he begins his own personal launch toward becoming a cultural icon.

“Black Americans, men and women, can—and will—reach for the stars,” he says in the film.

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GUION is a story that our team was incredibly fortunate and privileged to be able to tell. We are enormously thankful to Mr. Bluford for sharing his story with us and lending his wisdom and perspective to our film, and allowing us to tell a version of his story on film for the first time.” said co-creators, Sagi Kahane-Rapport & Adam Madrzyk. “We are also enormously thankful to the large number of voices and perspectives present in our film - each of our cast members brought their own experience to bear to create this film. The amount of dedication, thought and effort that the cast and crew put into this film is truly outstanding. GUION is a historically significant story to tell - it is culturally relevant and yet still completely untold. Along with having tremendous impact on those making and learning from this project, this project is a monument to Guion's achievements, and we hope it will help cement his place in history.”

GUION will be screened twice at the Forest City Film Festival, Oct 25-28, 2018. For more information on full-schedule and tickets click here. Find GUION on Instagram and Facebook.