FCFF PitchFest 2018 - Deadline Extension - October 7

We are giving 7 more days to allow you a chance to have your pitch put in front of our expert panel to vie for the  $4000 worth of prizes and jumpstart your next amazing film!  Just being a finalist gives you a great opportunity to move your project forward with the questions of the experts. The top 6 will each win 10 minutes speed mentoring by one of the judges. The extended final deadline is October 7, 2018.

Pitching at the Forest City Film Festival

Pitching at the Forest City Film Festival

What you need to do:

  • Send us a simple 1-2 minute video of you pitching your idea (and we really mean a simple, no-fuss video of you talking about your idea). FINAL Deadline is now October 3rd. Sign up today for FREE! 

  • Top 10 pitches get to present their idea to a panel of industry experts and get feedback. You'll find out if you're in the top 10 on October 15th, and will be required to pay a $25 fee to participate at the Pitch Fest. 

  • Top 6 pitches get an exclusive one-on-one speed-mentoring session with a judge, at the end of Pitch Fest.

What you could win:

  • $500 Cash Prize

  • Script Coverage And Poster Design By Vortex Pictures

  • $2500 Equipment Voucher From William F. White!

  • One-on-One speed mentoring session

LondonFuse talked with Sighthound Studio's Jordan Morris, a judge last year and the moderator at this year's Pitch Fest. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

The Pitchfest began last year, and has already proven to be a massive success story for the 2017 winner, Alice Shin. Born in Korea, Shin studied at Nihon University in Japan and has worked in the film industry worldwide. After winning the 2017 Pitchfest and credit for equipment rental as a prize, Shin used her feedback to reshape her idea and entered into the Reel Asian Film Festival in Toronto where she won the pitch competition again. Her finished product, entitled Haru’s New Year, is a 19-minute short film about a young Japanese immigrant who struggles to make new friends on her first day of school in Canada. Much to the delight of Morris and the FCCC organizers, Haru’s New Year is one of the films in competition this year at the Forest City Film Festival.

“We love that story,” Morris said. “We helped her in the early stages of her film’s development – gave her some feedback, helped her reshape her project, connected her with people that can help her along the way – and now she’s back submitting a complete film which may in the future be expanded into feature length. So we love that story.”

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