Harold Greenberg Fund – supporting the vision and efforts of Canadians who have stories to tell

Since 1986, the national funding organization Harold Greenberg Fund supports the development of Canadian dramatic feature films.  Since 1986, the organization has invested over $85 million in the Canadian film and television industry. That’s over 4,000 projects.

Image from film Maudie - supported by Harold Greenberg Fund

The Equity Investment program was discontinued in 2017. As a way of maximizing the impact of monies currently available to the Fund, almost all internal funding was moved to the Script Development Program. 

Deadlines have been removed, allowing producers to apply at any time during the year. This allows for quicker turnaround and more flexibility for producers. Financing is spaced out throughout the year. 

In light of the no-deadline system, a production company may apply with a maximum of four different projects throughout the year, and six applications in total. Thus, the two additional applications may be resubmissions at further phases. 

All projects must have a firmly attached producer. Applicant production companies are required to have had at least one feature credit. 

The program is open to all genres, all levels of budget and all levels of filmmaker, but in general they are looking for bold visionary projects to INCUBATE and ACCELERATE:

 INCUBATE: First or Second features from emerging writer/directors - that passion project from an exciting emerging talent that will launch a new cinematic voice to an international audience. 

ACCELERATE: Second or Third features from a hot director capitalizing on the excitement of a first or second feature.

Various levels of funding are available:

  • Story Optioning – First Option - Up to the first two years of option fees plus up to $2,500 in admin/legal fees and $10,000 in First Draft funding

  • Story Optioning – Option Renewal: Up to 80% of two years of option renewal fees

  • First Draft to Second Draft: Up to $15,000

  • Second Draft to Third Draft: Up to $10,000

  • Polish & Packaging – Fast Track (projects with distribution): Up to $20,000

  • Polish and Packaging – Two Stage Phase (projects without distribution): Up to $10,000 per Stage

  • HGF Story Editor Program: (up to $5,000)

The Fund will make decisions based on a number of elements and variables: Strength and uniqueness of the story, quality of execution of the screenplay, direction for the project’s next phase, and track record of the filmmaking team to produce the film of its size. 

Program checklist and guidelines:


The Independent Film Connection of London Ontario (IFCLO) is a non-profit organization created with the purpose of supporting local filmmakers.

Acting as a year-round resource centre for the local filmmaking community, the IFCLO is run exclusively by volunteers who have a passion for film.

The organization's major initiative in 2019 is the Connect and Create program, a series of events created with the purpose of fostering collaboration and connecting London filmmakers with potential funders. 



Monica Ulici, IFCLO