Setting your sights on arts funding. Provincial and federal grants for filmmakers

Setting your sights on Arts Funding

If you are planning on applying for funding through the London Arts Council (LAC), you have an opportunity to leverage this application and apply for similar programs offered by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) and the Canada Council for the Arts (CAC).  Two of these programs have application deadlines in April, same as the CAIP program offered by the LAC.

The  Media Arts Creation Projects grant offered by the OAC supports individual professional Ontario-based media artists/directors working with film, video, audio, digital, new media, video and electronic games, and virtual reality as independent artist-controlled art forms in the production and post-production phases of their projects.

This program funds Production and post-production costs, including artist and personnel fees, related travel expenses, insurance, promotional materials, prototyping, rights for visuals and sound/music, facility and equipment rentals, purchase of small-scale equipment, software, electronics and similar materials required to carry out the project.

The next application deadline is April 10, 2019. Applications are available in Nova approximately two months before the deadline.

Emerging artists are eligible for grants up to $10,000.  The limit for mid-career and established artists is $40,000.

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The Explore and Create program offered by the CAC funds Canadian artists, artistic groups and organizations committed to the creation and dissemination of innovative, vibrant and diverse art. Explore and Create supports the research, development, creation and production of work, as well as professional development for artists.

The Research and Creation component and the Concept to Realization - Project component  both have deadlines on April 3, 2019.

Research and Creation offers up to $25,000 per year and supports the initial stages of the creative process.  Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations can apply to develop and make creative works. 

Concept to Realization - Project offers up to $60,000 per year and  supports the full creative cycle – from the initial idea through to presentation, at any stage of the creative continuum.  Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations can apply to create projects intended for presentation.

The Canada Council funds works where the artist (in the case of moving images, the director) initiates and drives the project while maintaining complete creative and editorial control at all times. 

Artists may seek funding from other sources, provided that funding does not compromise the independence of the project. 

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The Independent Film Connection of London Ontario (IFCLO) is a non-profit organization created with the purpose of supporting local filmmakers.

Acting as a year-round resource centre for the local filmmaking community, the IFCLO is run exclusively by volunteers who have a passion for film.

The organization's major initiative in 2019 is the Connect and Create program, a series of events created with the purpose of fostering collaboration and connecting London filmmakers with potential funders.

Monica Ulici, IFCLO