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 Enough (Short Documentary, 8 minutes)
A powerful film about elderly women in an African community fighting back against their abusers.   
SWO Connection: SWO Connection: Producer, Tammy Foster, and director, Brent Foster, are from Chatham-Kent.

Safe Ground (Short Documentary, 23 minutes)
A touching portrait of refugees from Syria settling in London and coming together as a community.
SWO Connection: The film was shot in London, and its subjects reside in London.

Hey Bob (Short Animation, 2 minutes)
A struggling animation student asks her enthusiastic brother for a thesis film idea.
SWO Connection: Created by Sheridan student in Oakville

Bernie’s Lament (Short Animation, 4 minutes)
A comedy about a lonely dragon boy attempting to make friends at school.
SWO Connection: Created by Sheridan students in Oakville.

Firefly (Short Animation, 8 minutes)
Exploring themes of isolation with the unsoundness of mind within the context of a fairytale.  
SWO Connection:  Created by London Artist and Animator.

Gamble (Short Animation, 7 minutes)
A father’s addiction to gambling on Pachinko machines leads to the neglect of his young daughter.
SWO Connection: Created by Sheridan students in Oakville.

Newborn (Short Film, 6 minutes)
The naming of a newborn reveals challenges in crossing borders in our modern world.
SWO Connection: Director Ray Savaya is from Windsor.

Man In A Box (10 minutes)
A young man discovers a way to connect with his father.
SWO Connection: Winner of Western Smartphone Film Festival in London.

Haru’s New Year (Short Film, 19 minutes)
Haru arrives in Canada and finds it difficult to adjust to school and relate to other girls because of the language barrier
SWO Connection: Pitched at the 2017 Forest City Film Festival. Some production staff is from London. Q&A to follow

Earlier Event: October 27
Later Event: October 28