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TICKETS: #5 - Friday, October 25, 10AM AT WOLF | #38 - Sunday, October 27, 2:35PM AT IMAGINE

Director: Josh Litman | Producer: Daniel Becker & Matt Nordstrom

Synopsis: Persistently rejected by others, an autistic man has to confront his own prejudices after he seemingly meets the perfect companion.

Southwestern Ontario connection: The director, Josh Litman, is from London, Ontario (born and raised), and studied at Western University for his undergrad where he majored in developmental cognitive neuroscience. The sound editor, Alex Di Carlo, is also from London, Ontario.

Points of Interest: The film tackles LGBTQ+ and disability-related issues. Writer/producer/lead actor Daniel Becker not only plays a character with autism, but is diagnosed as on the spectrum himself. Furthermore, his co-star, Johanna Padilla, not only plays a trans character, but is a trans actress herself.



TICKETS: #24 - Saturday, October 26, 9:05PM AT WOLF - FLASHBACK SCREENING | #32 - Sunday, October 27, 10AM AT GOOD


Director: Clara Altimas | Producer: Ali Mashayekhi, Al Magee, Neil Huber

Synopsis: A disgruntled woman pays an unwanted visit to her lonely neighbour, but both end up finding unexpected joy in each other's company.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Lead actress Sheila McCarthy is from Stratford, Ontario.


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TICKETS: #23 - Saturday, October 26, 3PM AT IMAGINE

Director: Dylan Broda | Producer: Cameron Thorpe

Synopsis: Mary, an incredibly lifelike android caretaker, must provide a logical answer for the drowning of her ill ward, Liz.

Southwestern Ontario connection: The director, Dylan Broda, was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario. Production occurred in Sarnia and Dylan's hometown, Brights Grove. They intend on bringing more film production back to Sarnia in the near future. 

Points of Interest: 1 - The opening shot is entirely CGI  2 - The entire film is shot in Sarnia, ON.


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TICKETS: #25 - Saturday, October 26, 7PM AT GOOD - HALLOWEEN SCREENING

Director: Robert McGill | Producer: Robbin M. McDonnell

Synopsis: Sisters Emme and Elle like to hunt, lure, and devour men. Have they bit off more than they can chew?

Southwestern Ontario connection: All crew and most of the cast are based in Southwestern Ontario, including writer/director Robert McGill, who lives in London. The film was primarily filmed in London, Ontario.



TICKETS: #32 - Sunday, October 27, 10AM AT GOOD

Director: Edward Mines | Producer: Sean M Cullen & Edward Mines

Synopsis: A socially-challenged man struggles for control of his voice when an A.I. speech inhibitor threatens to jeopardize his ailing relationships.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Jordan Batchelor, the Director of Photography, was born and raised in Simcoe, Ontario before coming to Sheridan College for the bachelor of film and TV program. He often visits his family back in Simcoe, and currently resides in Etobicoke looking to further his filmmaking career. 


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TICKETS: #32 - Sunday, October 27, 10AM AT GOOD

Director: Nicholas Dragas | Producer: Denise Bodan

Synopsis: A woman tries to grapple with the state of her newly damaged marriage.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Director Nicholas Dragas is proud to call Kitchener, Ontario home. The film was created, written and shot at the unique locations Nicholas and the crew, all of which is from Southwestern Ontario, have come to know and love.


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TICKETS: #22 - Saturday, October 26, 2:45PM AT MUSEUM


Director: Nano Clow | Producer: Joaquin Cardoner

Synopsis: Pressured to keep quiet about a friend’s indiscretion, Harry is forced to deal with his secret head-on when the victim’s sister walks into his shop. 

Southwestern Ontario connection: Writer/director Nano Clow grew up in Cambridge, Ontario. The film is inspired by the vast rural scapes, the small towns, the importance of community, and the trouble you can find yourself in within a town where everybody knows everything about you. The film is set in 2006 in Paris, Ontario.

Points of Interest: The film stars Canadian up-and-comer Dylan Schmid of Stephen King's 1922 (Netflix), Snowpiercer (TBS), and Once Upon a Time (ABC) to name a few.



TICKETS: #19 - Saturday, October 26, 12:30PM AT IMAGINE | #37 - Sunday, October 27, 2:45PM AT MUSEUM

Director: Michael Tobin | Producer: Michael Tobin, Suzannah Moore, Rosie McGregor

Synopsis: L'Dor V'Dor (Hebrew for From Generation to Generation) is about a father and a son.  The father fears his son is losing his religious identity. The son feels his father has lost touch with the modern world and wants him to adapt.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Michael Tobin has a connection to Southwestern Ontario and the film was shot on Port Stanley Beach.



TICKETS: #12 - Friday, October 25, 9PM AT WOLF| #15 - Saturday, October 26, 10AM AT IMAGINE

Director: Franci Dimitrovska | Producer: Lief Ramsaran, Andy Reid, Sam Hughes

Synopsis: For every Bert and Ernie, somebody's got to suck it up and play Bert's left arm. Our somebody has had enough.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Franci Dimitrovska grew up in London Ontario. In 2018, she pitched her thesis film, Limbs, at the Forest City Film Festival Pitch Competition and received recognition from Shaftesbury for her project. The film’s head of costume is from Cambridge. 

Points of Interest: The film is accumulating several awards. Limbs just had its American premiere at the NYC Chain Film Festival and sold non-exclusive rights to CBC. 



TICKETS: #17 - Saturday, October 26, 12:30PM AT WOLF | #26 - Saturday, October 26, 6:30PM AT IMAGINE

Director: Andrew Simpson | Producer: Sedina Fiati

Synopsis: As a young Canadian-born daughter waits for acceptance to her dream arts program, her excitement turns to despondence as time goes on. Her Caribbean mother must make a heart wrenching decision to make sure her daughter escapes the cycle of poverty the two are caught in.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Director Andrew Simpson lived in London, Ontario and Producer Sedina Fiati graduated from the University of Windsor. Both Andrew and writer Richard Young have had their previous films play at Forest City Film Festival.

Points of Interest: Film Inspiration, as told by Richard Young:

As a South Asian-Canadian artist with Caribbean roots, the premise of Maternal came from my own family discord when I decided to pursue my artistic passion a decade ago, a discord familiar to many diverse artists.

Giving up my previous stable career led to fights and strained relationships. I was hurt and angry with my immigrant parents for attacking my dreams when I needed their support, assuming they were ashamed of me for being true to myself.

Years later, I realized that underneath all their frustrations and anger was LOVE. My parents grew up poor, coming to Canada and sacrificing so their children could have a better life. And it broke their hearts to see their child now struggle in the unstable arts industry because they were powerless to help me. Like many marginalized people, they tried to protect me by dissuading me from my dream because we couldn’t afford the precarious nature of it. For first-generation children whose loving immigrant parents can’t lift them up high enough, aspirations are ironically a privilege.

Maternal is a distillation of my family’s struggle with the arts. Where the absolute love for one’s child and dream that s/he can be anything comes up against the reality of one’s lot in life. I’m honoured that three powerhouse female black artists, actors Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah & Millie Davis as well as producer Sedina Fiati, connected with the story and came on board with director Andrew Simpson to realize this project.



TICKETS: #17 - Saturday, October 26, 12:30PM AT GOOD

Director: Jonah Haber | Producer: Michael Hua and Derek Sutton

Synopsis: When the whole world is hypnotized by an unexplained celestial event, a young boy must face his fear of the unknown.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Lead actor Keegan Hedley lives in and is based in Grimsby. The whole script was written while taking the train from Vancouver to Toronto over the course of 4 days.


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TICKETS: #27 - Saturday, October 26, 6:30PM AT WOLF | #34 - Sunday, October 27, 12:20PM AT IMAGINE


Director: Penny Eizenga | Producer: Penny Eizenga

Synopsis: An eccentric one-line actor keen to save his characters from extinction uses costumes from past roles to tell their stories.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Director/Producer Penny Eizenga lived, worked and raised her family in Southwestern Ontario.

Points of Interest: This is the only time Gordon Pinsent and Sheila McCarthy have ever worked together in all their years of acting.



TICKETS: #10 - Friday, October 25, 6:30PM AT WOLF | #37 - Sunday, October 27, 2:45PM AT MUSEUM


Director: Dylan Mitro | Producer: Adam Craveiro

Synopsis: Fey has just inherited Justine's dog, Benny.  The night following Justine's funeral, Fey and Benny face the awkward weight of grief in a Honeymoon suite. 

Southwestern Ontario connection: That Funeral Glow is directed by Dylan Mitro, who grew up in London, Ontario. He is very excited to return to his hometown to premiere his first short film. This film is set in small town Ontario and uses this setting to critique the lack of visibility for LGBTQ+ people in rural environments.

Points of Interest: This film is a story of women supporting women, aiming to normalize queer characters and relationships on screen.


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TICKETS: #7 - Friday, October 25, 12:30PM AT IMAGINE | #20 - Saturday, October 26, 3PM AT WOLF


Director: Rebecca Flinn-White | Producer: Tia Ayers, Shannon Ayers, Katy Sullivan

Synopsis: To pass the time during a blackout, three siblings tell a scary story that proves to be more dangerous than legend. 

Southwestern Ontario connection: Connor Kalopsis, a native of London Ontario, plays one of the lead characters in this film.



TICKETS: #5 - Friday, October 25, 10AM AT WOLF | #9 - Friday, October 25, 3PM AT IMAGINE

Director: Miranda White | Producer: Jesse Crump, David Torres

Synopsis: A nurse discovers that her patient has a dark secret and puts her job on the line to keep the patient safe.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Director, Miranda White was raised in Brantford, Ontario. She went to Niagara College to pursue her dream of directing, but always thought of Brantford as her home. Touch was a student film made at Niagara College.

Points of Interest: It was a student film made at Niagara College.  It is the directorial debut of Miranda White.



TICKETS: #22 - Saturday, October 26, 3:05PM AT MUSEUM | #37 - Sunday, October 27, 2:45PM AT MUSEUM

Director: Caitee McIntyre | Producer: Maxine Hood

Synopsis: In the near future, a major drought has taken over North America. A major agro-chemical company releases a line of drought resistant seeds, but young journalist Harper believes the seeds have a darker purpose.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Director Caitee McIntyre grew up in Stratford, Ontario and Unearthed was inspired by farmers from the region. The film was shot in SWO.

Through a family friend, Caitee McIntyre was able to shoot half of the film in their “dream location” of an old 1920s farmhouse in Punkydoodles Corners.