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Fully immerse yourself in film at VRcadia’s VR showcase at the Forest City Film Festival. For $5, attendees can view a 10-20 minute virtual reality film chosen from a selection of 10 different short films, from genres including drama, documentaries, and children’s films. The viewer will be able to don a virtual reality headset to completely immerse themselves in 360 degree narrative experiences.

Some of the films we will be showcasing include Crow: The Legend, a 20 minute animated children’s film that stars John Legend as Crow, who seeks to save his forest friends from perpetual winter. Kinoscope, an award-winning animated love letter to the history of cinema, and The Atomic Tree, an experimental documentary focused on a 400-year-old Bonsai that survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima.   All 10 films to be announced soon.

Visit VRcadia’s three virtual reality booths in the Tonda room!

Saturday Oct 26 10 am - 8 pm

Sunday Oct 27 10 am - 4 pm

Ticketing information will be here soon!