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Accepting Entries Until June 1st, 2019 for the Forest City Youth Film Festival! See categories below for more information. 

$2500 in Prize Money!

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(note date change!) APRIL 4, 2019, 10:00-11:30AM & 12:15-1:45pm @ AT THE WOLF PERFORMANCE HALL


Seminar Information

Seminar 1: 10:00-11:30 am

Understanding the Festival Categories

Specific to the rules and categories for the 2019 Forest City Youth Film Festival, this session will dive into the fundamentals of how to create an effective short film.  Join filmmaker and screenwriting instructor Jordan Morris in this fun and interactive seminar where you can learn about the key elements of any narrative and/or documentary short film, and gain a deeper understanding of the Youth Film Festival category entries.  Let us help YOU make a better movie!

Seminar 2: 12:15-1:45 pm

Working with Talent - Live demonstration

Join us for this fascinating look into how a professional director can elevate the performance of their talent and change the dynamics of a scene.  Romy Goulem, Advanced Filmmaking, Fanshawe College will take a couple of actors through a table read/breakdown of a scene and then "put it on its feet" in front of a camera in a few ways that will including choices from the audience.  A very interactive session great for future filmmakers, actors and writers alike.

Please use the link provided to register your class for the event.  Please make your cheque payable to Forest City Film Festival for student admission.


2019 Entry Categories

The top five films in each category will be chosen as official selections and will be screened to a live Audience in the Forest City Youth Film Festival on Wednesday October 23, 7:00 pm at the Wolf Performance Hall in downtown London Ontario. Industry judges will choose the winning film and runner-up in each category. In order to be screened, films must be shot in 1080P or 4K.

We accept the diversity of our country and encourage submissions in English, French, new comer, and/or Indigenous languages.

ANIMATION  45 seconds - 3 minutes

A film technique that creates a simulation of continuous movement by capturing frame by frame images.


NARRATIVE  2 - 5 minutes

A film that tells a fictional or fictionalized story, event or narrative. In this style of film, believable narratives and characters help convince the audience that the unfolding fiction is real.


DOCUMENTARY  2 - 5 minutes

A nonfictional motion picture intended to record and capture some aspect of reality. Often times documentaries focus on a true story that the filmmaker is passionate about sharing.


PITCH  1 - 2 minutes

Create a video that shares your idea for a film.  You will not be judged on technical videography, but your ability to share your vision and story.  See link for helpful tips. 


CREATIVE ARTS  1 - 2 minutes

Exploring moving picture in film. Entries may be abstract and/or artistic.  Exploration of visual images and audio can be used to evoke emotion and see the world through a creative lens.  Participants must also submit a written artist statement sharing their goals and intentions of the work.  

Rules, Regulations and Submission Guidelines…


* We accept and celebrate the diversity of our country and encourage submissions in English, French, newcomer, and/or Indigenous languages.

* All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us.

* Works in progress are not accepted.

* Films must be completed after January 1, 2018.

* Entry fees are non-refundable.

* To qualify for submission the director and all team members must be registered in a high school in Southwestern Ontario at the time of submission.

* The decision of the judges and selection committee is final.

* Films must be shot in 1080p or 4K for screening.

* All performers must have signed a performers release and if they are underage it must be signed by parent or guardian.

* All music used must have proof of the license to use it.

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting to the festival, you agree to allow your film (or other artistic work) to be screened by the festival during the festival run, for which you are submitting, at no charge to the festival. If there are to be any additional screenings, we will come to a mutual agreement between the filmmaker and the festival.

All Films selected by the festival will be asked to provide promotional materials, but we ask that no promotional materials be sent until selected and notified.

By submitting to the festival you are admitting copyright ownership of everything submitted and by submitting a work for consideration (a Work), entrant hereby grants the Festival the following non-exclusive, irrevocable rights to use and display the names, voices, photographs, likenesses, and biographies of the entrant and the Work's director and producer for advertising, publicizing, and promoting the Works in any media.

I understand and acknowledge that, if I am under 18 years of age, my parent or guardian must agree to the terms of this Filmmaker/Guardian/Representative Release on my behalf. As a Parent or Guardian of a minor filmmaker if applicable, I understand and acknowledge that I am agreeing to the terms of this Filmmaker/Guardian/Representative Release on behalf of my child or a child for whom I am a legally designated Guardian.

The festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission at any time if there is any question of ownership, copyright infringement or any sign of disrespect (in any form of media) to the festival or its representatives. The Festival will not be held responsible for any inclusion of uncleared materials in your film.

All submitters will be automatically subscribed to the Forest City Film Festival newsletter and may opt out at their option at any time.

Films that are posted publicly on YouTube or other public video sites cannot be screened in competition at our festival. We ask that films submitted not screen in the London region between August 15 and October 28 outside of the festival and not be posted publicly online.

Films that are official selections are not permitted to withdraw from the festival after September 15th.

FCFF reserves the right to update or modify these terms and policies without prior notice.




October 25, 12-1:30PM, Free workshop

October 25-29, Forest City Film Festival


February 1, Submissions open for Youth Film Festival

February 27, Seminar

June 1, Final Submission Deadline

October 23, Forest City Youth Film Festival